How to Control Garden Weeds

Weeds are the bane of any garden owner. And unfortunately, they are part and parcel of any garden. It’s important to note that many common garden weeds have a different shorter lifecycle than our usual garden plants causing seedlings to appear at most times of the year, which is why it feels like they’re always prevalent. Letting weeds take hold can cause them to outcompete your garden plants causing you to see a decline in their growth.

There are several ways you can manage weeds in your garden without the use of chemicals. Some require more intervention than others but there are various ways to help, depending on your needs and suitability for your garden.

Ground Cover Planting

Ground cover can be used as a method of suppressing weeds by blocking out sunlight and preventing weed seeds from germinating. Some popular types of ground cover include perennial flowers, such as ajuga or vinca, Japanese spurge and evergreen shrubs, such as juniper or dwarf pine.

These plants are typically low-growing and have a dense growth habit, which makes it difficult for weeds to establish themselves. In addition, ground cover plants can help to retain moisture in the soil, which can also help to suppress weed growth. Densely planting can also suppress light to the soil preventing weeds.


Mulch is also an effective ground cover for suppressing weeds. This can be achieved by using a thick layer of organic material, such as wood chips or garden bark a couple of inches deep making sure not to pile it up around the base of your plants.

These materials can suppress weed growth by blocking light and preventing weed seeds from germinating. Mulch also has other benefits to aid your garden plants, helping retain moisture in the soil, and preventing the soil from drying out. The mulch will need replenishing every couple of years as it will break down, but this is also beneficial, and it feeds the soil with nutrients again. Give the mulch a top-up as the level drops.

Landscape Fabric

Landscaping fabric can also be used as a physical barrier to prevent weed growth. However, it’s important to note that while this can suppress weeds and reduce the number of weeds, landscape fabric has an open weave where weed seed can still penetrate.  Layer of gravel or bark mulch on top may help this further.

Hand Weeding

With regular upkeep, weeds can become less of a chore.  If you see a weed, remove it when you do, to avoid spread. This is the best, cost-effective method and most suitable for garden borders.

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