How to Guarantee a Great Garden in Time for Spring

Traditional patio with planting

Do more with less. Do no harm. Do a good job.

They’re the three “Do’s” when it comes to transforming your tired old outdoor space into a Great Garden that’s ready for Spring.

There’s plenty to think about when it comes to planning out your ideal Spring Garden. So it’s best to get started as early as possible.

Winter is the perfect time so you can really get ahead.

But where exactly should you start?

Well, as with many types of projects you may undertake, it all starts with research. Good research could save you countless hours and potentially thousands of pounds in the future.

Talking of saving yourself thousands, next up, you want to establish a budget. Now we don’t mean you need to be tight on your purse strings (although of course we all love a bargain right?)

But set out your benchmark figures of what you can afford, whether you’ve got plans for a wholescale Garden remodel – or you’re looking at introducing a new feature. Be realistic for yourself and stick to that number.

Next up, it’s worth getting a design drawn up. Now you could do this yourself, but ideally you should be getting a professional to do this for you. That way you leave no stone unturned when it comes to planning every feature and purpose of your outdoor space.

Now you’ve got your design sorted, it’s time to start selecting the products to fit your design. Product selection takes time when you do it properly. Pay keen attention to detail here, as selecting the wrong products could spark disaster in the Spring/Summer.

Planning the build is your next step. No point getting the tools out until you’ve figured out where to start and how long it’s going to take. The last thing you want is a Garden project that takes weeks longer than it needed too.

Or one that causes more disruption than you planned (there’s likely to be some disruption though).

Now you’ve got the main build finished, it’s time for you to finish the Garden. This will involve putting together the finer, more subtle touches. Things like your furniture arrangements, patio table decor etc.

Lastly, you’ve got your new Gardens aftercare plan. Do you intend on looking after the finished Garden yourself on a daily/weekly basis–or do you have a gardener that you’re going to have to look after it for you?

Are they aware of the specific requirements for each part of your new outdoor space?

Either way, it’s important that you don’t neglect this stage in the process. The last thing you want is for all that hard work to have gone to ruin, just from not having something as simple as a solid aftercare plan.

As you can see, transforming your outdoor space into a truly Great Garden, requires a lot more than picking up the tools and starting work. Here at The Garden Design Co we’ve a team on hand that can help you with any and all of the process.

So rather than biting off a little more than you can chew, use the link below to book a call to discuss our Garden Valuation Report.


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