How to Make a Christmas Wreath in 7 Simple Steps

If you missed out on our wreath making workshop earlier this month, don’t despair. You can still create your own Christmas wreath using greenery from your garden with these few simple steps. It’s a great way to get in the festive mood and enjoy a couple of hours with nature.

You will need:

  • 12-inch wire ring
  • Spagnum moss
  • Floristry reel wire and thicker gauge wire for attaching decor
  • Greenery (of any kind but you will need an evergreen majority, like spruce, conifer, eucalyptus or holly, or go foraging in your own garden for suitable material)
  • Twigs, artificial berries, and cones for interest
  • Ribbon, twine or raffia

Watch the full how to video here:

Or follow the simple steps below.

Step 1:

To begin, with a few twists attach one end of the reel wire to your frame.

Step 2

Secure bundles of bunched up moss to the frame by wrapping the reel wire tightly around them.¬†We use moss as it gives depth to the wreath ‚Äď it will also provide moisture for the foliage you‚Äôll be adding later.¬†Moss also makes it easier to attach the foliage.¬†Continue adding bunches of moss until the whole frame is covered with an even distribution.

Step 3

Keep the reel wire¬†attached¬†to the wreath.¬†Assemble small bundles of your mixed foliage in a fan shape ‚Äď it works best to keep larger bits of foliage, such as spruce and conifer at the back of the bundle.¬†20-inch lengths of foliage, creates a loser more wispy wreath and shorter lengths will create a tighter, denser¬†wreath.

Step 4

Lay the first bundle of foliage on the wreath and secure firmly using the reel wire, wrapping around the base of the bundle approximately three times. Add more bundles in the same direction, overlapping with the previous one slightly, making sure the base and join of the previous bundle is completely covered.

Step 5

Continue adding bundles of foliage until the frame is evenly covered. For the last bundle you need to make sure the stem ends are hidden under the first bundle you attached, and the top of the bundle is covering the join of the second to last bundle. Cut the reel wire, leaving enough to secure at the back by looping and pulling the wire through on itself.

Step 6

Cut long lengths of thicker wire to attach decorations to the wreath. Bend the wire in half and attach with a few twists around your decoration. Christmas potpourri is great for wreaths as orange slices and cinnamon sticks creates traditional décor. Using a wide ribbon in whatever colour you prefer, or natural raffia perhaps, create a bow. It’s a good idea to hold up the wreath and look at the shape before you decide where to attach the ribbon. Often the best place to attach a bow is where you finished the wreath. Using wire, attach the ribbon to your wreath in the same way you attached the foliage.

Step 7

Attach the decorations at random intervals around the wreath by separating out the strands of the wire, threading them through the foliage until they catch and securing them at the back of the wreath with a few twists.

And you’re complete! Hang your wreath on a door or suitable place and enjoy your homemade Christmas wreath.

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Watch this tutorial here:

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