Relaxing Garden in Nottinghamshire

Tumbled Mint Sandstone Paving, Derby Clay Pavers, Artificial Lawn

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In Nottinghamshire, The Garden Design Co. has created a garden that’s the perfect mix of chill and charm. It’s a place where you can step away from the noise and enjoy some downtime.

The lawn is plush and green, just right for a bit of relaxation. It’s edged with plants that are easy on the eyes and keep the garden lively throughout the seasons.

You’ll also find a sturdy pergola, offering a shaded spot to sit and enjoy the outdoors. The furniture is all about comfort, inviting you to linger over a coffee or get lost in a good book.

A path of classic bricks guides you through the garden, leading to a quiet bench tucked away for when you need a moment to yourself.

We’ve also put in a practical drainage system to make sure the garden stays as a go-to spot, come rain or shine.

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Large patio space for family gathering

“Enjoy The Garden Of Your Dreams, With The Garden Design Co.”

Ashley Duncan
Consultation Coordinator
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