A Clean and Contemporary Garden Design With Maximum Wow Factor

Central focal water feature with resin pathways

Our Warwickshire based clients asked if we could update their newly inherited garden, which lacked design and was previously overwhelmed by large shrubs and trees.
Their current garden had many of the large shrubs already removed to open out the view, but this left it with a disturbed space which didn’t work for entertaining or spending time with family. A complete overhaul was required to transform the garden into an interesting, contemporary space that complemented the modern decor of the family home.

How We Carried Out the Transformation

A large new patio, laid with pristine polished sandstone, surrounding the house created a very large space for entertaining and allowed for various seating areas, so the garden could be viewed at different angles. One of the seating areas being a circular fire pit with a white rendered wall. We laid the paving on full mortar beds and grouted using a resin-based eco grout to prevent weeds from growing between the joints. A low box hedge surrounded the patio and continued around the fire pit for a modern courtyard feel.

At the start of this project, the preparation of groundwork and drainage for hard standings included the introduction of an Aco channel drainage system along the house to capture any surface water running from the paved areas and prevent puddling and flooding of the garden.

A resin pathway drew the eye from the patio doors down to a circular Marshilite brick-built focal point, housing a chrome sphere water fountain and lined with a low box hedge. Beyond the water feature, the pathway turned 90 degrees to lead towards an outdoor fireplace. This secondary seating area covered by an arched pergola created a cosy space for summer evenings.

This complete transformation, which happened in 30 days, changed the entire feel of the garden. The once overgrown, neglected space was turned into a clean, linear garden which extended the view from the large glass kitchen door and is now perfect for outdoor living.

Final Results

Our clients were delighted with their stunning new garden which has completely changed the way they use their garden. As well as being great to look at, it’s now for living in.

This garden refurbishment meets hits the brief in every way as it is both in keeping with the style of the house and also continues the client’s taste for the external feel. It requires very little maintenance but has a maximum wow factor.

To ensure this stays as good as new, we plan to pay four complimentary aftercare visits to check everything is just as it should be. The whole family is looking forward to relaxing in this beautiful contemporary space.

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