Bank Holiday Bonanza

Homemade bird feeder

For most of us, the summer holidays will soon be over, and the late August bank holiday is a great way to spend a long weekend together as a whole family. There’s no better way to occupy the kids than to get them out in the garden for a bit of fresh air and closeness to nature.

Get Crafty

Most kids absolutely love arts and crafts- and quite frankly, getting messy- so a great way to get them out into the garden is to have them make something functional, which they can see being used in your family garden.

Decorating terracotta pots is fun, inexpensive and a great way to personalise your outdoor space, a few hand-painted creations from your little ones is the perfect way to make your garden feel homely. Let them loose with a wide palette of colours and let them choose what gets planted in the pot when it’s finished. For best results, base coat the pot with emulsion first and varnish at the end to keep their crafty creations weatherproof.

Similarly, large cobbles can be painted the same way. Turn rocks into pieces of artwork that your children can scatter in the garden or make a nature trail out of them. A simple and fun, painting activity can become highly educational too, great for getting your kids to explore the garden.

Birds and Bugs

The UK is home to an enormous population of colourful bird species in summer, so get your kids outdoors spotting them. Give them a bird colouring sheet, a small pair of binoculars and a simple bird spotting book so they can identify the birds visiting your garden. It’s an engaging and educational way to get your children excited about the garden and the nature it brings. Tempt them further by making fat balls or a simple seed feeder, once they begin to learn what they attract, your kids will love topping up the seed feeders.

If birds aren’t your thing, try a similar activity with bugs. A small magnifying glass, collection pot and bug indent book will be all you need, just make sure the critters are released back where you found them when you’re finished.

Pocket Money Earners

Not all of us have young children, and older children can be a little more difficult to entertain. A fantastic idea for older kids is giving them the opportunity to earn money by doing a few odd jobs in the garden, this could be anything from weeding to mowing the lawn. You never know, it might unearth a passion or even a future career! It also makes light work of the garden upkeep, and when you’re out there working side-by-side, it generates a wonderful sense of family accomplishment, a great little boost for their confidence.

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