Christmas Containers for a Statement Entrance

Christmas Planter Front Door

We love to decorate our homes in the holiday season, but it doesn’t need to stop there. Decorate your garden too, and we don’t just mean with a few coloured lights.

Make a Statement

To welcome your guests that you will inevitably have over the Christmas season, line your front entrance with a decorative display. Large planters will work best for this, the kind that is narrow but tall. You want the interest to mainly be with the greenery you’ll put in the planter, so a plain and simple container will do the job. If you already one spare give that a go.

Think Creative

This will be a temporary fixture, so no soil will be required. Use wet flower arranging blocks or ‘oasis’ inside the planter to make the base to put the greenery in. Start out with a base layer of evergreen off cuts. Evergreen off cuts will last for a few weeks in the wet oasis, so you want even to have to refresh the arrangement. Conifer and Christmas tree branches work the best and you can get these inexpensively from Christmas tree farms or garden centres, you could even forage for things like ivy and twigs yourself. Once all the greenery is in you can begin to add the decorative items. Ribbon and pine cones are easy to come by at this time of year, wrap wire around them to stick them into the oasis at differing heights.

You can use this idea to make a door wreath in the same way, you can get flower arranging oasis in rings just for this job. Push the greenery into the oasis to cover it and decorate as you wish with berries, pine cones and baubles wrapped in wire so they stay in place.

Inexpensive Ideas

You can collect most of the material yourself or use some items you already have. Baubles add colour to the display and can be changed easily. For a bit of texture or added sparkle use snow or gold spray, a little will go a long way. Maybe you have a fire pit in the back garden, if you plan on using it with your visitors, why not use these Christmas arrangements to adorn your patio too. If you don’t fancy making one yourself, miniature Christmas trees work great also, these can be picked up from most garden centres. They’re usually container grown so you can plant them in a more attractive pot and even keep them in the garden for the following years.

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