Illumination Inspiration – Garden Lighting

Oak garden shelter with festoon lighting

In colder months of the year, the nights draw in. It’s dark when we get up and dark when we get home and so our garden tends to become neglected and not used in the same way as in the summer evenings, we become somewhat uninspired when it’s dark by 4pm.

Light The Way

Garden lighting in many formats, can be used to create a magical twilight garden to be enjoyed all winter too, whether its time spent in the garden or viewing it from your house. There are many simple ways to give your garden the wow factor, from built-in electrics to classy solar lights, there are options for all uses.

When exploring the options of garden lighting its important to not go overboard, lighting should be suitable and with a purpose, you don’t want your garden flooded with light like a football pitch! Garden lighting is not only used for the obvious but also adds a further dimension to a garden. Lighting built into flower beds picks up the texture of leaves or even bark on specimen plants and can take your garden to the next level but too much lighting and you can cheapen the effect, it then loses its subtly and could end up looking like a floodlight lit football pitch. Pick a sweet spot carefully or call in the professionals.

Adjustable in angle, spike lights are one of the most popular garden lights. Often used amongst planting to define a tree or to add depth to a flower border at night with warm LED light. They simply push into the ground and can easily be moved around, connecting to wired electrics. Spike lights can, of course, can be solar but be sure to pick good sturdy ones for the best quality light.

Creating Cosiness

If you want to create a cosy seating area, zone off a secluded spot on the patio using elegant garden wall lights to cast a warm glow over you, teamed with an open bowl fire pit and a few faux fur blankets you’ve got yourself a romantic setting in your very own back garden.

String festoon lighting powered from the mains electric hooked onto a pergola or covered shelter Add a whimsical sparkle to your garden. Traditional string lights bring a magical quality to any garden, and traditional festoon versions work beautifully in woodland settings. Remember, a little light goes a long way at night, use lighting selectively and remember that darkness can be used to conceal areas.

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