How Gardening Can Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

Gloved hands weeding

Gardening has proven to be quite the stress reliever by not only boosting your overall health but helps improve your mood too. If you’ve been feeling down and out, you should try gardening as a hobby.

Highly Effective Stress Relief Tool

Whatever your garden may be, planting and taking care of it is an amazing way to reduce stress. Gardening has even been put against reading to check which is more effective in relieving stress and surprisingly gardeners experienced a significantly greater decline and their positive mood was restored. One of the main reasons gardening will improve your overall wellbeing is that by creating your own little haven of relaxation and watching your garden flourish will provide a sense of fulfilment and happiness.

Sowing seeds and watching the bees pollinate your garden can have a therapeutic effect and studies have shown that by gardening you will increase your serotonin levels. Just by being surrounded by nature in the comforts of your own garden you will reconnect with all living things and find peace in it.

Growing Your Own Vegetables

The biggest benefit of growing your own vegetables is that you will know where your food is coming from. And it can 100% organic because you won’t be using any harsh chemicals and your vegetables will be free of any herbicides, which will give a boost to your overall health. Additionally, there is an economic benefit since a small package of seeds can grow hundreds of carrots, cabbage, peppers, onions and so on. Some of them have longer seasons so you might have to start growing them indoors before the last frost.

Become Physically Healthier

Gardening counts as exercise especially when you spend at least half an hour a day maintaining your garden. You are promised to feel a lot better when spend your spare time turning your garden beds, weeding and mulching them. The more time you spend, the more you will feel the aches in your muscles the next day knowing you have got your daily recommended dose of exercise. Also, 30 minutes of this considered moderate-level physical activity helps your body control and lower your blood pressure.

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