How to Keep Your Patio Clean Over the Winter

Pressure washing patio

Even though you don’t use your patio during wintertime, it is still essential to properly maintain its appearance. Snow, ice and low temperatures can be quite damaging so this blog will give you a few tips on how to keep it clean and ensure it’s ready for spring.

General Cleaning

After autumn a lot of leaves and other debris can gather all around your patio making it untidy and messy. It’s best to sweep them first and then go over the surface with a hose. If there are any stains remaining from the grill, you can use a degreaser to effectively remove them. For stone and paver patios you should use a gentle spray as not to lift the joint sand. Natural stone patios should be lightly cleaned with mild detergent. Some types of natural stones, such as bluestone, are porous and need a bit more attention and special care so it’s better to seek appropriate cleaning supplies from your local garden centre or call in professionals. As for concrete you only need a stiff bristle brush or broom to ensure a deep clean.

Patio Furniture & Grill

Cushions and fabric should be thoroughly cleaned before storing or covering them. This can be done by vacuuming or softly brushing with mild soap and water. Always make sure to dry them completely in order to prevent mould and mildew. Regarding the furniture’s frames, they can be made out of wood, plastic, composite and metal, each needing its suitable cleanse. Being as beautiful as it is, wood is very delicate and needs special maintenance. Some do enjoy the rustic and natural feel, featuring lichens and moss, however, it is highly recommended to use a protective sealant to guarantee its long life and appeal. The sealant will also protect the wood from dampness and moisture damage, especially during icy weather when moisture can freeze and lead to cracks and splints.

Protect Your Plastic

The low temperatures can harm plastic furniture as well since it could cause it to easily crack. This means it is best to store this kind of furniture indoors. Composite furniture is an expensive investment but it is worthwhile because it can endure extreme weather conditions and only requires little maintenance by cleaning it with soap, water and a soft-bristle brush. Thinking about metal furnishings, if it is powder coated, you should use a cloth and mild soap and water to clean it. You can also ensure its finish is as long-lasting by touching up with paint and use car wax to protect it. Depending on the kind of metal used, it is best to look for specific advice from your local garden centre or the manufacturer.

In addition, it is always better to seek recommendations from the manufacturer for how to properly take care of your grill. A few things you could do that will help are cleaning it with a stiff wire brush and degreaser where scratching is not a problem and investing in a weather-resistant cover specially made for grills.

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