Leicester City Midfielder My New Garden – James Maddison

Leicester City Midfielder My New Garden James Maddison

Leicester City midfielder James Maddison lets us in to see his garden transformation and the results are stunning. Complete with his own 5G football pitch, heated swimming pool, garden kitchen, garden bar, and outdoor entertainment centre, he wanted to open the garden up to wow friends and family. The results are there for all to see.

0:00 James Maddison’s Garden
Yeah, I couldn’t be happier with what The Garden Design Company did for me. It’s exactly how I imagined it. Exactly how I wanted it. Everything was perfect down to a T, just brilliant, and I’m sure I’ll have some great memories to share over the years in the garden.

I think if you look around and you see the garden, it’s everything that I probably would’ve dreamed of having as a young boy, you know, especially with the football pitch at the top. My love is always for football, and obviously recently I’ve become a father as well to my little boy. So, having the garden here is everything that I would’ve wanted as a little boy myself, and just that opportunity to go and play on an actual pitch into a proper goal. It sounds silly, but I used to have to use wooden sticks as goalpost and stuff, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s just a better opportunity for the little man in a few years’ time.

0:49 Vichai’s Garden
Vichai’s Garden at the stadium, it’s such a beautiful thing. And you can walk around it and you just almost walk around in awe at some of the stuff. A few people at the club had mentioned that it was the company that did that. So, when I was looking to get the garden done, my thoughts went straight to the company. And, listen, I couldn’t be happier with the outcome, and the end product and stuff. And to be honest, I knew that was the case in from the start. From the conversations we had, it was all very clear that the company was brilliant, and it was all done perfectly down to a T. And, yeah, it leaves me a very happy man.

1:20 3D Garden Design Video Rendering
But when I seen the video that like the flyover kind of walkthrough. So, I thought, how is it going to end up looking like that, but credit to everyone who worked on the job, because it’s turned out exactly like it, and I love it.

1:34 Garden for Family and Entertaining Friends
I’m a big family man as well. My family has a lot of friends and stuff and, obviously, I have a lot of teammates who live in the area and stuff. So, whenever there’s kind of motive that can happen or a someone’s birthday or something, I could host a little birthday party or whatever. And it’s kind of what I always wanted as a kid, you know, who doesn’t dream of a swimming pool or football pitch, a gym, fire pit, barbecue all in one, you know. So, gives us good opportunity, you can have good times with my family, and as I said, and my friends. And the best time we’ve probably had was the opening group game of the Euros for England, right? So, I had my friends around and we got good weather on the day so we could use the barbecue area.

I looked around, I remember seeing like my friends were in the pool, a few of them were having a kick about and stuff like that. And I thought, that’s exactly why I got it done, you know. So, yeah, it was perfect. The whole process from start to finish was brilliant. And I love my garden so much and I make that very clear.

2:26 Instagram Famous Garden
I’ve posted on Instagram. I get a lot of messages about my garden actually. I remember one of the times, a few months ago now, it actually snowed and the garden looked beautiful. The pitch was covering snow and I put a picture on my Instagram, and I got so many nice comments and stuff. I even had a couple of other footballers from other teams asking me who did my garden and stuff. Even just like the tiling and everything.

So, yeah, I love it so much, everything I have dreamed of as a kid. My son will hopefully love it as I when he is old enough to realize. But, yes, I’m happy.

2:54 The Garden Design Co.
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