Marching Into Spring – Some Quick Gardening Tasks for Spring

Spring daffodils

Milder weather, increasing daylight and a pleasant stream of the seasonal sun – yes, spring is definitely in the air! Up to now, any thoughts of gardening have focused on wrapping up warm, carrying out one or two urgent tasks and then heading back indoors to thaw out with a hot drink, but now with extra daylight on the horizon, you’re hoping to have more time to potter around in the garden.

However, March can still be quite unpredictable weather wise. Glorious bursts of sun followed by sudden hail showers are still perfectly possible. Sharp frosts can turn the earth hard; cloud cover and wind will affect temperatures. So what should you be doing? Let’s have a look at some quick spring gardening jobs to help you keep on top of things.

Tidy Up Borders

Although early spring bulbs may have emerged through the winter soil, the garden borders are probably looking rather bare. It’s the perfect time to clear away the last of the fallen leaves, remove any weeds and add a layer of mulch. This will not only keep weeds at bay but also give your plants and shrubs an extra nutrient boost.

Applying a thick layer of well-rotted farmyard manure, garden compost or chipped bark to watered soil will protect your young plants and seal in moisture, reducing the need to water it quite so often. Remember, garden centres and most supermarkets will now be stocking compost / suitable farmyard manure, so now’s the time to get to work.


Some plants will benefit from a quick tidy up before the real growth season begins. Last summer’s wisteria shoots, for example, could be cut back to two to three buds, ornamental grasses leftover winter can be also be pruned, as can any vigorous climbers. Cut back the dead stems on any honeysuckles, ivies, winter jasmine and rambling roses before the real growing season. Always time well spent!

Plant Supports

We think it’s much easier to ensure supports, wires, trellises, etc are in place now before they’re needed. Climbing plants, such as clematis and honeysuckle will automatically grow up through them, giving a more natural appearance, but don’t forget to support any peonies, hydrangeas and lavatera.

Sort Out Those Seeds

Is your collection of seeds looking rather untidy? Half-empty packets and a lovely pile of new ones all shoved haphazardly into a tin? If so, there’s little hope of sowing everything at the right time, so take the opportunity to go through them and sort them out – placing seeds and bulbs in a monthly order of planting, will save so much time when you do eventually want to spend a few minutes sowing.

We realise this still sounds very much like tidying and preparing, but these type of jobs really do make the world of difference in terms of saving time and getting your garden ready for spring.

Next week we’ll help you start to bring your outdoor space to life with a beautiful project – one which will produce a swathe of instant colour – sowing a flower meadow!

Ready to transform your garden before summer? There’s still time. Call our team on 0330 202 1955.

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