How Adding A Fire Pit Could Enhance More Than Your Garden

Circular fire pit

We recently covered the benefits of having great lighting built into your garden design. Not only does well thought out lighting add a stunning aesthetic to your garden or highlight aspects of it, but it hugely extends the usable time you have in your garden too. Some well-placed lighting could be the difference between a shift worker for instance, only using the garden in the summer months or using it all round regardless of how long we have daylight for.

But if you’re enjoying your garden in the evenings, you may want to warm things up a little too! There are so many benefits to having a fire pit built into or added to your garden plans and not all of them obvious. Let’s take a look at a few of them…

It’s A Family Affair

You know that challenge of getting kids off screens? Or getting the hubby away from the sports channels? There’s nothing more alluring than the warmth of a central fire to attract a family gathering. Say to the kids (big and small!) “let’s sit around the dining table and have a meaningful conversation” doesn’t hold the same appeal as rustling the pack of marshmallows at them with a little nod towards the firepit.

Many family chats will take place far more easily – reminiscing, teasing, laughing – it all happens around the family campfire and who knows – you may even be starting off some family traditions. Quality time at it’s finest!

Not All Fire Pits Are Equal…

If having a lovely warm fire glowing in your garden appeals to you on a cooler evening, the last thing you want to be doing is having to prepare it in advance. It takes a while for solid fuel to give off any decent heat, and it can take a while to master the art of keeping the warmth going or constant. If you don’t reload the fuel at the right time, you’re going to have either a furnace that’s too hot to enjoy or the equivalent of a candle burning with barely any heat coming from it.

Having a gas-fired pit means that you literally turn it on and you’re all good to go. Depending on when you decide to add a firepit, it can be added to the design early on so that any pipes etc are channelled underneath the garden out of sight – but you have the benefit of features you may not have otherwise had. At the very least though – you’ll know that with gas you can keep the flames and heat at a constant temperature that you can all enjoy – there’s no arguing over who’s turn it is to get up and add more fuel!

It’s Therapeutic

In such a ‘switched on world,’ we all need an excuse to switch off. Grab a book (or a housemate!) and take yourself off outside to enjoy some gorgeous ‘me time’ in a spot you’ll come to love. You can even treat the fire pit as an additional light source – the glow of a flame is mesmerising and could easily be a focal point with other lighting switched off.
The fire pit won’t ever be just a fire pit – it’ll become a place that you associate with relaxing or escaping the world and you’ll look forward to enjoying. Exactly what a garden is for!

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