Oak Shelters for Your Garden – The Savours of Summer

Oak garden shelter over outdoor kitchen

What a scorching few days we’ve had! In this country, we always need some form of shelter from the elements – whether it’s from the blistering sun or the lashings of rain that we’re more used to. Entertaining doesn’t have to be hindered by the weather. And let’s face it, we’re accepting the fact that our summers can throw anything at us, but with a timber shelter, you can make the most of your garden whatever the weather.

Built to Last

These timber structures are a great feature to any size of garden as they can be made to measure, either in softwood or hardwood but best in Oak for a solid frame. The Cedar shingle adds charming character to an outdoor kitchen or bar area, like a little whimsical chateau at the bottom of your garden. Attractive and useful. Wow your friends on your next BBQ.

We’ve built many of these because quite frankly they look stunning, but at the same time they are incredibly useful and versatile. You can have a full brown outdoor kitchen underneath the shelter, a fire pit or simply and built-in seating area or not even built-in! They look great with angular rattan furniture too. Kitting it out with spotlighting or a simple string of festoon bulbs, make these shelters create quite a special place.

Fifth Season

And with the onset of August, the best of our summer is almost over, or so we’re led to believe. Between the end of summer and the beginning of autumn something magical happens within gardens, called the ‘Fifth Season’. As flowers begin to fade, they go through a process of decorative decline for autumn begins. The warmth of summer still lingers, and the garden is at its most pleasant time to sit out and enjoy.

Even if you’ve had your garden already landscaped, these timber-built structures can be added in at any stage.

So, there’s still time to enjoy the ‘Fifth Season.’ If you’re interested in upgrading your entertaining space, give us a call on 0116 210 0760.

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