Luxury Gardens: Before & After Garden Transformations

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If you are looking for garden inspirations and would like to see some of the best garden transformations, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we will show you some of our garden design and build projects and their before and after photos. Get inspired with our luxury garden makeovers and start thinking about the possibilities for your own garden space!

Family Garden For Relaxation

This Northamptonshire garden is a haven designed with relaxation at its core. Previously – an empty garden, now – a retreat with areas for socialising.

Our design seamlessly incorporates a patio into the garden, providing an elegant dining area adorned with intricate wrought-iron details for alfresco dining, alongside a comfortable seating arrangement for relaxed lounging, all under the modernity of an extended roof.

At the heart of the garden, a contemporary water feature, expertly installed by our team, captivates attention with water gracefully flowing down a stone backdrop, enhancing the area with tranquility. The lawn, perfectly manicured, is complemented by a vibrant selection of plants, bringing dynamic energy to the space.

For the cooler evenings, a fire pit has been thoughtfully added, creating a warm and inviting space for gatherings, ensuring the garden remains a cherished place of enjoyment at any time of day.

Before Garden 1

After Garden 2

A Dream Garden For Social Gatherings

Our clients in Leicestershire dreamed of a garden that would be perfect for hosting family and friends. This big empty garden was transformed into an amazing luxury space with areas for relaxation and dining.

The design of the garden facilitates a seamless transition between various functional spaces. The selection of plants has been meticulously planned to ensure visual appeal and textural variety throughout the year, with beds filled with blooming perennials and shrubs that outline each area, offering an immersive sensory experience.

Our clients desired a garden that maximised the scenic countryside views while creating distinct outdoor ‘rooms’ for enjoyment at any moment. The outcome is a harmonious blend of open and sheltered spaces, carefully composed with materials and vegetation that echo the beauty of the natural surroundings.

Incorporating a water feature, we introduced an element of tranquility and movement. This feature, strategically placed, adds to the garden’s allure and providing a continuous, soothing water melody that complements the overall ambiance and design.

Before Garden 2

After Garden 2

A Family Garden With a Hot Tub

In Leicestershire, a family wanted a garden space that could be used for both entertaining guests as well as enjoying quiet family time. We designed a versatile space that fulfilled all of the family’s needs. This garden blends comfort with practicality by having separate zones for every occasion.

The garden features a hot tub area, providing a serene escape. A beautifully tiled patio features a dining set ideal for family dinners or casual weekend grilling, alongside a modern outdoor lounge with plush cushions that beckon for leisurely repose.

Enhancing both the garden’s appeal and utility is a sleek, contemporary grill station, always at the ready for spontaneous culinary creations. The area is framed by vibrant greenery and accented with structural elements like sturdy pergolas, lending a defined architecture to the outdoor space.

Before Garden 3

After Garden 3


Envision Your Dream Garden

We hope that we’ve inspired you with our garden transformations, showcasing the potential of outdoor spaces to become not just extensions of your home, but true spaces of relaxation, entertainment, and beauty. As you reflect on these transformations, remember that every garden tells a story, and with the right design and care, your garden can become a testament to your own creativity and a haven for making memories. Whether you’re dreaming of serene water features, cosy fire pits, or lush, vibrant plantings, we encourage you to envision the possibilities for your space. Let these inspirations be the seed for your own outdoor oasis, where every detail contributes to the creation of your personal paradise.

Whenever you’re ready, we’ll be happy to come along and help you plan your garden upgrade. To get one of the friendly design team to take the stress out of designing your garden click below.

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